Shannon Eaton is an up-and-coming painter and illustrator living and working out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If you’ve ever been part of Portland’s thriving art scene, chances are you already know of her and her unforgettable work.

Fascinated by the juxtaposition of nature and sacred geometry, Ms. Eaton is a master of weaving one into the other in a manner that often leaves her viewers examining the world around them more closely, hoping to catch a glimpse of what she sees for themselves. Historically, her work is particularly popular with yogis, as it has proven to have an almost magical ability to bring serenity into any room in which it is hung.

Born in 1985, in San Dimas, California, Ms. Eaton showed immediate aptitude for the arts, and became known as something of a color prodigy as she made her way through school. After receiving her high school diploma, she moved far from home to attend the Art Institute of Portland. She graduated with a degree in Media Arts and Animation in 2008, and has been continually working to refine her craft.

Ms. Eaton has worked as a children’s book illustrator, fine artist, digital animator, and graphic designer.

She’s never been late on a deadline.

If you’re interested in her work, please check out her online shop, where you can purchase both prints and originals of her work. If you have something in mind and are considering commissioning her for art or freelance design, please email her via the contact page and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

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